Marcel Yiran Wang is a New York based artist and creative technologist.

As an artist, she works in a wide range of disciplines that associate with kinetic installation, virtual production, interactive media, live performance and music. She received her bachelor’s degree in Oil Painting in China and recently received the master’s degree at the Interactive Telecommunications Program(ITP), Tisch, New York University.

Marcel is a storyteller who likes to convey ideas and information through various metaphors and hints in stories.  Her works explore the expression of human subconsciousness and emotions through the construction of kinetic systems and physical materials. She is fascinated by creating immersive and emotional experiences to inspire people’s imaginations and memories.

Selected Exhibitions / Performances


Live Performance, 8th International Conference on Movement and Computing Conference, Chicago, US. June 22-24

Live Performance, New York City Electroacoustic Improvisation Summit, New York, US. April 30

Virtual Exhibition, Dialogue with Southeast Asia: ASIAN International Contemporary Art  Exhibition, China. April

“Athens Open Art”, London, UK. April

Virtual Exhibition, Culturehub “Re-Fest 2022”, New York, US. March



Artist Talk, iidrr Open Calls, New York, US. Nov 15

Selected artist for “2021 Hyper youth Award”, China

“Neo-Imaginaria: A Collection of Gen-Z New Media Poetics”. Brownie/Project, M50, Shanghai, China. June

NYU Tisch ITP Spring Show ETUDE x Anomaly Open Space,Shanghai, China



The 23rd Annual Exhibition, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing, China

“BORDER”, X Gallery, Chongqing, China

“Punctum”, The 26th Annual Exhibition of Oil Painting Department, CAEA Gallery, Chongqing, China



Project “Dune”, First Place,The 2022 Jefferson Center of Immersive Arts for Health Student Design Competition



“Pendular”, Moco’22