Wang Yiran

During my undergraduate study, I thought that art was simply a personal expression. However, as my knowledge and experience increase, I find that art is a question about the known and the unknown, about the past, the current and the future, and about the individual and the society. Usually, we put forward questions and then seek for answers, but answers are just like the untouchable other shores. Although I move forward step by step, I encounter more and more questions. The curiosity about the unknown is the very incentive for me to progress. 

Marcel Yiran Wang is a digital artist and creative technologist who works in a wide range of disciplines that associate with mixed-media installation, virtual production, and music. She received her bachelor’s degree in Oil Painting in China. She is currently a second-year graduate student at ITP, Tisch, New York University.

Marcel is a storyteller who likes to convey ideas and information through various metaphors and hints in stories.  Her works explore the human subconsciousness and emotions through the construction of kinetic systems and physical materials. She usually starts from her own experience and intends to build communications with people subtly and profoundly through the integration of art and technology.

Born In Chongqing, China and currently live in New York.

Work with Interactive installation, Virtual Production, Digital art.




2016-2020  BFA, Oil Painting, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

2020-2022 MPS, Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), New York University



06-09 2021  Web Designer Internship, CAMLab, Harvard University

08 2017    Summer Program “American Language and Culture”, Stanford University





Artist Talk, “iddrr Open Calls”, China (11/5)

Selected artist for “2021 Hyper youth Award”, China

“Neo-Imaginaria: A Collection of Gen-Z New Media Poetics”, BROWNIE/Project, M50, Shanghai, China

NYU Tisch ITP Spring Show ETUDE x Anomaly Open Space, Shanghai, China



The 23rd Annual Exhibition, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing, China

“BORDER”, X Gallery, Chongqing, China

“Punctum”, The 26th Annual Exhibition of Oil Painting Department, CAEA Gallery, Chongqing, China



The 26th Annual Painting Exhibition of Oil Painting Department, CAEA Gallery, Chongqing, China