Marcel Yiran Wang(b.1998) is a Chinese artist and technical artist based in New York. She is currently working as a technical artist at The Mill New York, working on Motion Capture, virtual production(virtual character), and interactive experiences.

Marcel’s artistic creations embody a highly subjective and empirical approach, drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, daily actions, and reflections. Through her installations, she skillfully merges the physicality of ordinary materials, constructing both material and emotional connections through the utilization of mechanical dynamic systems. Her work delves into the intricate interplay between human consciousness and collective experiences. Sound serves as Yiran’s primary medium for exploring objects, natural movements, and physical laws. She interprets the fundamental movements and energy of matter through evocative and contemplative sound interactions. In doing so, her works express the inherent tension between the structured order of modernism and the unpredictable nature of the outcomes.

Marcel adaptly translates her private emotional experiences into a poetic and shared expression, employing various mediums to convey her message. When viewers engage with her work, it undergoes a process of disintegration and reconstruction, influenced by their individual encounters. The artwork becomes internalized, intertwining with the viewer’s emotional experiences and memories, resulting in a deeply personal and unique reception.

Marcel received her Bachelor’s degree in Oil Painting in 2020 and recently received her Master’s degree from New York University’s Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). She has performed at NYC Electroacoustic Improvisation Summit, MOCO 22’ Conference in Chicago, and NIME at NYU. Her works have been shown in CVPR2023(Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference), Currents New Media2023, HOT`BED Gallery in Philadelphia, Culture-hub Re-fest 2022, Art Number 23, and Brownie/Project at Shanghai, among others.

Selected Exhibitions / Performances


Artist Interview, CanvasRebel:

The IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2023, Art Gallery, group show, Vancouver, Canada, June

Currents New Media 2023, group show, Santa Fe County, US, June


Waiting Room,Immersive Art for Wellbeing, group show, HOT·BED Gallery, Philadelphia, US

Live Performance, 8th International Conference on Movement and Computing Conference, Chicago, US. June 22-24

Live Performance, New York City Electroacoustic Improvisation Summit, New York, US. April 30

Virtual Exhibition, Dialogue with Southeast Asia: ASIAN International Contemporary Art  Exhibition, China. April

“Athens Open Art”, London, UK. April

Virtual Exhibition, Culturehub “Re-Fest 2022”, New York, US. March


Artist Talk, iidrr Open Calls, New York, US. Nov 15

Selected artist for “2021 Hyper youth Award”, China

“Neo-Imaginaria: A Collection of Gen-Z New Media Poetics”. Brownie/Project, M50, Shanghai, China. June

NYU Tisch ITP Spring Show ETUDE x Anomaly Open Space,Shanghai, China


The 23rd Annual Exhibition, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing, China

“BORDER”, X Gallery, Chongqing, China

“Punctum”, The 26th Annual Exhibition of Oil Painting Department, CAEA Gallery, Chongqing, China




Elias Jarzombek and Yiran Marcel Wang. 2022. Pendular. In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Movement and Computing (MOCO ’22). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, Article 38, 1–3.