3 Channel Video Interactive Installation

1920 x 1080


Toys are both extremely important and unforgettable to me as they accompanied my childhood. My emotions towards them are very special. When I was a child I thought that toys had a life, providing mutual warmth and love; I believed that they kept on living even when I wasn’t at their side.

Up until today I still remember the time I spent with my childhood toys and hope to revisit my childhood in my work. Thus in this piece I placed my childhood toys into a household electronic utility from our home dating from the same period. As the viewer approaches the work, a projection is displayed on the wall and the electronic utility gradually activates, simultaneously activating the toys. When the viewer leaves the range of the work, the toys’ performance ends and the electronic utility turns off. I hope to share this beautiful childhood memory with you all, with the wish that perhaps you will remember the times when you were accompanied by your childhood toys.

玩具对我来说十分重要与难忘,因为它们陪伴了我整个童年。我对他们的感情也是特别的,那时我认为玩具都有生命,我们给予着彼此温暖与爱,不论我是否在它们身边,它们也依然快乐的生活着。到现在我也依然记得那时与它们在一起的时光,我想在作品里重温我的童年。 于是在这个作品里,我将喜爱的玩具放进了我儿时家中的电器里,当人们走近投影在墙上的影像时,你将看到电器缓缓开启,玩具们已然开始活动。当人们离去后,玩具的表演结束,电器也随之关闭。我想将这个幼时的美好分享给每一个参与的你们,也许你们会想起那些玩具曾经陪伴你们的日子。

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