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Color Digital Animation with Sound

1280 x 720


Disneyland, as an entity of virtual illusion, makes people believe that Disney is different from the outside world. It is a world with absolute positivism, naivety, dreamy happiness, painlessness and innocence.However, in the description of Baudrillard’s immersive sequence of Disneyland, it is already more real than the real, reversing the real and the illusion, and even concealing the real existence. The collective joy makes the collective drowse in the homogenous bubble of entertainment and fantasy, giving up self-consciousness and the negation of others. I regard amusement parks as an epitome and metaphor of China’s rapid development over the past two decades. At the cost of morality and conscience, people numbly indulge in the carnival of rapid development and huge profits. Why do we like theme parks? The design of the amusement park uses algorithms to quantify human desires to the highest degree, satisfying our dream to become the protagonist in the fairy tale, so as to obtain redemption and salvation. Do almost cult-like dances and movements declare freedom? Or is it obedience after being disciplined? A big hand falls from the sky, its heavy color and huge volume seem to symbolize the omnipresence of political or technological power.



The design of the character is inspired by a 20th-century sculpture master Alberto Giacometti. His sculptures reflect the widespread fear and loneliness of people after World War II. The figures he sculpted are thin, tall, and alienated but powerful. I borrowed the characteristics of his characters and tried to use fragile, ant-like characters to allude to the spiritual predicament of people in the contemporary age. (Technology, social media, unrestrained stare)

The banner drawn on the plane is derived from the slogans of underdeveloped areas in China. The slogan is easy to understand, rhyming, absurd, brainwashing, and agitating which make it highly contagious in terms of emotions and actions. The contents are cruel and inhuman just like living in an age of despotic dictatorship. The slogan is huge in size and bright in color, ubiquitous as if it were public hints and mass hypnosis. We all think this is the truth and see it as a belief. We often do this, but we have no idea why.



“《ONLY YOU》粤语(大话西游电影插曲) — 罗家英”


“Flag” – BY ManySince910

“Walt Disney Worlds Hollywood Studios Entrance” BY Walt Digital World

“Snowy Mountain” BY James Lucas

“Snowy Mountain – Terrian” BY artfromheath

“Snowy Mountain” BY Helindu

“Metal Fence” BY Vilitay