Black and White Photography

Zbrush / Digital Print

40 x 50 cm x 4


Our personal data flows through search engines like the vast and pulsing oceans as if just waiting to be identified and retrieved. On different websites I collected information about various individuals that share the same name including their identities and photos and organized the data according to time, synthesizing the data regarding each individual into an independent profile. Did I create a person during this process? We are all composed of individual histories and experiences; can the image created through the accumulation of such data be formed into a person?



Zbrush Surface


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Wang Yiran


1981  Bachelor Degree, Science and Technology Engineering Mechanics, Huazhong University.

1988-1992  Bachelor Degree, Fine Art, Tunghai University.

1995-1997  Bachelor Degree, Arts, University of Tsukuba.

2003-2008  Master Degree, Architecture Design, University of Pennsylvania.



2008  Best Young Actors of “TV Competition in Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Shanghai City”.

2009  Bronze, “The Third Quyi Acrobatics “Festival”.

2014  The 2rd Award, “UK Royal International Music Competition in China Region”.

2015  Excellent Member, “Youth Entrepreneurs Association In Shanxi Province”.

2015  The Best Supplier, “The Year of Electric Power Company In Shanxi Province”


Work Experience

1979-1983  Assistant Dean, Zhengzhou Engineering Institute.

1986  Adjunct Professor, Shanghai Normal University, Institute of Tourism.

1997  Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Department, Tunghai University.

1998-2007  Lecturer, National Taichung University.

1999- Lecturer, Taipei National University of Arts.

2003-2007  Lecturer, Tunghai University.

2007  Host of “The Third National Radio and TV Competition”.

2011-  Architect in Tongji Architecture Design Group Co.Ltd.

2014  Scriptwriter, Movie “Let Go For Love”.

2014  Publication: “The Founder of Neo-Confucianism In Song Dynasty”.

2017  Journalist, Director, “Copy Desk in Taiwan News Net”.

2017  Singer, TV Show “Super Boy”.

2018  Director, TV Show “Produce 101”.

2018  Actor, Movie “Hi, EX”.

2019  Publication: “Remembering Smiles: A Journal”

Ni hao


1998-2002  Bachelor Degree, Clinical Medicine, Xi’an Jiaotong University.

2002-2005  Master Degree, Capital Institute of Pediatrics.

2003-2007  Bachelor Degree, Nanjing Forestry University.

2002-2006  Bachelor Degree, Software Engineering Beijing Jiaotong University

2007-2010  Master Degree, Nanjing Forestry University.

2009-2013  Bachelor Degree, Yancheng Institute of Technology. 

2010-2016  Ph.D, Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2010-2011  Part-time R&D Engineer, KGK Corp.

2011-         Master Degree, ENT Surgery, Nantonåg University.

2011-2015  Bachelor Degree, Mechanical engineering and automation, Changshu Institute of Technology.

2012-2015  Master Degree, World Economic in East China Normal University.

2014-2018  Bachelor Degree, China Academy of Art.

2016-2019  Bachelor Degree, Yingcai Honors College, University of Electronic Science and Technology.

2019-         Master Degree, Center for fTURE Media, University of Electronic Science and Technology.


2006  3rd Class Award, “Excellent Paper, Chinese Medical Association”.

2015  Champion, “Longteng Supermodel Contest”.

Work Experience

2010-  Assistant Director Physician, Thoracic Surgery, Jen Ching Memorial Hospital.

2012-  CEO,  Shanghai Yinxiangpai Co.Ltd.

2012-  Actor, Movie 《Nostalgia 》.

2013-  Attending Physician of Medical Cosmetology, Huangshi Central Hospital.

2015-  CEO, Guangzhou Dr. Technology.

2017-  CEO, YITU Medical.

Li Xinyu


1996-2000   Bachelor Degree,  The Central Academy of Drama.

1997-2001   Bachelor Degree, School of Computer and Software Engineering, Xi’an Technological University.

2006-2010   Ph.D, Ancient Literature, Nanjing University.

2007-2011  Bachelor Degree,  E-commerce,Sichuan Normal University.

2011-2015  Bachelor Degree, Business English, Hebei University of Economics & Business.

2010-2014  Bachelor degree, Chinese Ethnic & Folk Dance Department, Beijing Dancing Academy.

2016-2019  Bachelor Degree, Business Development at Future Arena, Syracuse University.

2017-2019  Master Degree, Medical Science, The Australian National University.



2007   Gold Award, “Harmony Cup Calligraphy Invitation Exhibition”.

2012   Nomination, “National Excellent Doctoral dissertation”.

2013   The First Prize, China’s State Natural Science Award.


Work Experience

2002   Actor, Movie “Taiji Hero”. 

2001-2004  Software Engineer,Shenzhen World Linkage Technology Co.Ltd.

2013   Instructor in Department of Theatricals, Hunan Vocational College of Art.

2010   Contestant,TV Show “The Voice of China”.

2014-  Professor, School of Mechanical Science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

2015-  Lecturer, Sichuan College of Media and Communications.

2015   Scriptwriter, TV “Miyue’s Legend”.

2016-  Director of Spine Surgery, Lekang International Medical Center.

2017   Actor,  Movie “Super Sports”.

2018-  CDO, Shenzhen Qingda Xieli Technology Co.Ltd. 

2018-  Lecturer, Heze University.


Wang xin


1986   Bachelor Degree, Law, Peking University.

1988-1992   Bachelor Degree, Engineering in Metal material, Changchun University of Technology. 

1989-1993   Bachelor Degree, Department of English, Sichuan International Studies University. 

1992   Master Degree, Laws, Peking University. 

1994   Bachelor Degree, Medicine, Peking University Health Science Center.

19951999   Bachelor Degree, Art, Jilin University. 

1995   Doctor Degree, Judicial Science,Peking University.

1996   Bachelor Degree, Computer , Qingdao University.

1999   Doctor Degree, Theoretical physics in Institute if Particle Physics, Central China Normal University.

2001   Bachelor Degree, Science in College of Animal Science, Sichuan Agricultural University.

2002   Doctor Degree, Computer Science, Shizuoka University.

2005-2011   Bachelor Degree, Art, Sichuan University. 

2007-2011   Bachelor Degree, New Media, China Academy of Art.

2007-2011   Master Degree, Food Science and Engineering, Northwest A&F University.

2014-2018   Doctor Degree,  Food Science and Engineering, Northwest A&F University.



1999   PaintingSummer, The 9th Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition.

2010   Champion, “Miss Asia China Mainland Competition”.

2014   FictionLive quietly in an unsettled world”Douban Network’s Most Concerned Fictional Books.

2014   “Best Writer of The Year in Fashion Power” ,”Beijing News.

2016   Selected in “Good Person in China ”.


Work Experience

2005   Professor, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Nanyang Technology University. 

2009-2010   Visiting Scholar, University of Virginia.

2011   Singer, TV Show Super Girl.

2012   PublicationAnti-money Laundering: Concept and Specification Interpretation.

2015   Actors,  Movie To Advance toward the Happiness”.

2017   Doctor, Shengdanfu Plastic Surgery Hospital.

2018   Solo Exhibition, “Unknown Artist Agency”,Wuhan.

2019   Group Exhibition,  “Extreme Mix, Guangzhou Airport Biennale ”, Guangzhou.

2019   Member, Four Angry Men E-Sports Club.