Exhibited at “Neo-Imaginaria: A Collection of Gen-Z New Media Poetics”, BROWNIE/Project M50, Shanghai

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Video / Installation

Stepper Motor, Paper, Wood Board


Emotional distress usually originates from non-physical sources and may be the result of regret, grief, or loss, amongst others. In many cases the distress can build up over time and result in emotional pain of strong intensity that negatively affects someone’s life, which in certain instances may become permanent and incurable. The artist in this work uses physical materials and kinetic systems to reflect on the gradual emotional collapse we experience during moments of despair. Originally, the surface of the paper is completely flat and unharmed, but over time it wrinkles, twists, or tears to bits. Paper is fragile, as well as human being. I continued this series with a sound performance-“Puncture” and a kinetic installation – “Titled“.

情绪崩溃通常源于非物质来源,可能是后悔、悲伤或失去等的结果。 痛苦会随着时间的推移而累积,并导致强烈的崩溃与绝望,对生活产生负面影响。在某些情况下,这种痛苦可能成为永久性和无法治愈的。 在作品中,艺术家使用物理材料和动力系统演绎了我们在绝望时刻情绪崩溃的过程。 最初,纸张的表面是平坦且完好无损的,但随着时间的推移,它会起皱、扭曲或撕裂成碎片。纸张非常脆弱,人类也是。

Special thanks to Jason Gao who offers the technical support for this project.