AI Generative Video


He is a solitary proclamation,
an imaginary wisp of seaweed.

Foggy and misty ambiance, with damp scents,
Defines the essence of his reverie.

Sky and the lakeshore, the mountains and the city,
He wandered aimlessly.

His body was transmuting, gently drifting, submerged.
He ran through the crowd, didn’t know where he was.



Every night, I experience more than two dreams, and in them, the weather, environment, and buildings leave a greater impression on me than the stories that happened. Despite my best efforts, I can never seem to reach my destination in these dreams, which fills me with a sense of dread when I encounter large crowds or people walking and running. I often find myself frantically running towards something in dreams, but end up feeling as though I am stuck in the same place, endlessly wandering.

The emotions I experience in my dreams – sadness, pain, and fear – are so vivid and real that they don’t feel like mere products of my unconscious mind. I decided to create a project that explores the construction of impressive environments appearing in my dream and feared scenarios using AI. By transforming these otherwise unreal contexts into computational visions with ambiguous semantics, I want to simulate my realistic emotions in dreams and explore the complex relationship between our emotions happening in subconsciousness and dreams.


This piece will be exhibited at


CURRENTS NEW MEDIA 2023 at New Mexico during June 16th-25th, 2023.

CVPR 2023(The IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2023) Art Gallery at Vancouver, Canada during June 18th-22nd, 2023

At Currents New Media, 2023