1. Choose a palette of five colors that represent ME. Using your palette create six square compositions. The six compositions should represent the distinct color palette of ME.

Useful website:




open resource programing:



Baker Miller Pink is my favorite color these years. I disliked pink when I was a little girl cause I thought it as a girl color. I don’t know why and when I fell in love with pink as I grew up. For me, It is innocent and childish, just like the feeling when I went to Disneyland, recalling some dreamlike memory.

Turquoise is a blue-green color. I feel It is a little bit deep and calm but not cold, and warm as well as pink.

Light blue is the color of sky, ocean and Squirtle. I think one of reason I am impressive about blue is that my mom loves blue so she always bought me blue clothes, objects for me since childhood.

Orange is bright and high saturated and means optimism, power, energy for me. There is a “Culture Creative Industry Park” in my hometown and I went there frequently. Orange is their official color and used in their logo, park instructions, light and everywhere in the  park. I feel it is quite strong and impressive that I can easily remember this color and feel the energy from it.

Ultramarine is one of my preferred color when I was at undergraduate school. I studied Oil Painting so I played with color most of time in the first two year of undergraduate. The reason I love Ultramarine is that it is really useful and more beautiful when I want to mix cold color on my palette. 

I have favorite colors but I never think of specific reasons. I just feel that I like it so I like it. So here I find some pictures that are related to the colors above. p1 is Squirtle. p2 is the Culture Creative Industry Park I mentioned above. p3 and p4 are screenshots from my previous video work. 


P1 AND P2:

For the first two compositions(first two in the first line), I was inspired by Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky. They are pioneers of abstract art and famous for creating geometric figure. When I drew the second painting, I tried to feel more about the pure color and composition themselves.

Wassily Kandinsky: Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles:

Mondiran and Wassily Kandinsky’s works:



The rightmost picture of line one and line two are produced by code on Openprocessing.   and



P3 – P6

You will see there are four composition are basically drew by lines. I drew many sketch practices in the first two years of college. The most attractive part for me is line. (link for line drawing)Using lines to express objects instead of establishing light-dark relationship. Hand drawing costs time but I do enjoy the feeling of rational behavior, considering composition of lines. For me, lines represent the rational, changeable. I feel like I am a rational,  organized person sometimes.



1. Redesign a boarding pass, using black, blue and red.

2. Three expression words.

Design a boarding pass

When I started design a boarding pass, I realized that how difficult it is! It is hard to jump out the inertial thinking. I still feel kind of boring of this version.


The colors I used in the boarding pass is referred to their COLOR PALETTE. 



I want to provide a reading order from left to right. In the middle column, you get the basic information like name, flight, and boarding and departure time at first. The second column is boarding information. These two important parts occupy the main place of boarding pass. And I make text of time, gate, class and seat bold, for reading easily.

Expressive words