AI Generated Animation / Stable Diffusion

He is a lonely self-declaration. 

He is an imaginary wisp of seaweed.

Foggy, hazy surroundings and damp smells are the keynotes of the dream.

Sky and the lakeshore, the mountains and the city,

He wandered aimlessly,

His body was changing softly, floating, submerged.

He ran through the crowd, didn’t wanna know where he was.

“I have more than two dreams every night, the weather, environment, and buildings in my dreams are always more impressive to me than the stories that happened. No matter how hard I try in my dreams, I will never reach my destination. So I fear the large crowd in the dream and the people walking and running. I insanely ran to somewhere, but I seemed to be stuck in the same place and kept wandering.” I’ve felt sad, pain, and fear in my dreams so many times. It’s so real that it doesn’t seem like it was happening in my unconscious mind state. I built my favorite environments and feared scenarios using AI, from an otherwise unreal context – dream – to a computational generation with more ambiguous semantics, and simulated my realistic emotions in dreams.